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Imbroglio inc.

Calgary, Canada


Last updated on Sunday, September 2, 2001 by Dan Adler
Pictures of me looking happy / very, very happy ... courtesy Bell Labs.
Pictures from the nether regions of my cranium... Note the abnormally large full frontal lobe.

About Me:
  • education = Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science
  • hobbies = opera singing (baritone), chess, piano
  • favourite singers = Ramey, Christoff, Warren, Podles, Vickers, Bjoerling
  • summer plans = wavelets with Dr. Lamoureux

    • Welcome to the newest collection of free Imbroglio utilities!

      Abscissatron: large polynomial equation solver

      Elasticos: realistic mass/spring physics simulation

      Labyrinth: 3D maze game

      Modometer: mouse odometer

      Primordial: prime number generator and factorizer

      Radix: numerical base converter

      T3: tic-tac-toe game

      Totalizer: mathematical expression calculator

      Winfo: window information retriever

      and soon... total matrix mayhem! with some sort of linear equation solver thing


      an unmatched equation solver: <screenshots>

      • features stand-alone quadratic, cubic, and quartic equation solvers,
      • solves up to 100th order real-coefficient polynomial equations,
      • solves up to 50th order complex-coefficient polynomial equations,
      • creates equations from roots given by the user,
      • plots customized graphs of functions which display tangent lines,
      • assembles tables of values and evaluates polynomials,
      • calculates arclengths of functions between two given points,
      • differentiates and integrates functions,
      • allows the user to enter input data from the program or from files,
      • allows the user to copy and save all output,
      • has a clean and elegant interface.

      Download Abscissatron 1.0 [564kb] ... (requires VB5 run-time files)

      Don't forget to register the software for free to receive support and updates.

       Elasticos (take that, Wes!)

      a realtime mass/spring system simulation: <screenshot>

      • completely physically realistic mass and spring simulation,
      • coupled mass-loaded springs are dangled, hurled, and swung from the mouse,
      • full customization of all physical constants and other object properties,
      • graphical environment is simple to use.

      Download Elasticos1.0 [300kb] ... (requires VB5 run-time files)

      Labyrinth (by James L. Dean)

      a 3D maze game: <screenshot>

      • randomly generates mazes of varying difficulty,
      • can solve the mazes it creates,
      • its maze chambers can be square or hexagonal,
      • allows the user to rotate and configure the mazes.

      Download Labyrinth 1.0 [72kb] ... (requires VB5 run-time files)


      a mouse odometer: <screenshot>

      • calculates and can display in real-time the total pointer distance travelled,
      • can display distances in a variety of metric & imperial measurements,
      • the user must calibrate the modometer for their particular screen,
      • keeps record of the number of left & right mouse clicks made,
      • counts the number of keyboard clicks,
      • its counters can be reset at any time,
      • has a very unobrusive interface,
      • runs silently in the background while the user works,
      • can be made visible with a click in the windows tray,
      • the user can specify to have it run at system startup.

      Download Modometer 2.0 [54kb] ... (requires VB5 run-time files)


      a prime number sieve: <screenshot>

      • searches for and displays large prime numbers,
      • performs tests to determine if individual numbers are prime,
      • factorizes large composite numbers.


      a numerical base converter: <screenshot>

      • converts real numbers to and from any bases between 2 and 36,
      • converts to arabic from roman numerals and vice-versa.

      Download Radix 1.0 [20kb] ... (requires VB5 run-time files)


      a tic-tac-toe game: <screenshot>

      • offers four distinct levels of play,
      • can only be tied on top level and plays a variety of 'openings',
      • the computer may play either X or O,
      • two humans may battle it out, or the AI engine can play itself.


      a mathematical expression solver: <screenshot>

      • parses and solves complex mathematical expressions,
      • allows 25 user-defined variables,
      • includes over 80 built-in functions and physical constants.

      Download Totalizer 1.0 [50kb] ... (requires VB5 run-time files)


      a window information retriever: <screenshot>

      • works by the user dragging or moving the cursor over a window area,
      • displays information on the window's metrics and identification,
      • zooms into the area around the users cursor,
      • can display a border around the window being investigated.

      Download Winfo 1.0 [33kb] ... (requires VB5 run-time files)

      Program Size (kb)
      Abscissatron 564
      Labyrinth 72
      Modometer 54
      Primordial na
      Radix 20
      T3 na
      Totalizer 50
      Winfo 33
      VB Run-times 1 307

      Don't forget to send comments, questions, or bugs to
      Daniel Adler <>

      "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."
      -- Albert Einstein

      Read some of my poetry.

      Imbroglio inc.